These images are from the
labyrinth was first built on the
Spring Equinox of 2004
These images are from when the
labyrinth first  got destroyed on
July 4th 2004. First,  I cleared the
site of all gravel and dirt with a
push broom then, carved the rings
on to the ground and laid out with
small rocks my signature using the
symbols of a 5 ring spiral, the
peace sign, a heart and the sun
with 12 rays to represent Peace,
Love and Enlightenment before
continuing with actual the
rebuilding of the
labyrinth. The labyrinth itself is
dedicated to Peace, Love and
This is how the labyrinth looked
after it was rebuild in the Summer
of 2004
These images were taken about an
hour or so after sunrise in the
summer of 2004 after the labyrinth
was rebuilt the first time