People often ask me how did I get into labyrinths and all I
remember is that after seeing a program on PBS about
labyrinths I thought about making labyrinths wherever I
traveled. It took me two to three years before making my
first labyrinth. Another thing people ask me is how did I
choose the spot at Land's End and, I really think that is
was actually the other way around, spot that chose me.

Down below the cliff next to the rocky beach there is
something that looks like a cave resembling a kind of
cathedral ceilings and, it was there that my venture
begun. I started a kind of shrine dedicated to Peace,
Love and Enlightenment, in which, I was burning
incense, lighting candles, placing stickers and flowers
hoping to start a pilgrimage of people to do the same.
Well, I started to notice that in the candle jars someone
was dropping small rocks to put the candles out. All this
happened in Dec. Of 2003 and though the shrine was
kind of high I started to suspect that the surge of the
waves from the winter storms was going to wash
everything out and they sure did. I started to look for
another site where to build the shrine but, by then I
already was contemplating building the labyrinth at it's
present location.

Originally I wanted to remain anonymous but, it just did
not happened. I started going out there early in the
morning hoping that no one would see me working in the
labyrinth but, people were out hiking at such early times.
Another reason I was out there early was to avoid the
park rangers.

Though the labyrinth at Land's End has been destroyed
twice by vandals I have rebuilt it all over again. The first
time I build the labyrinth on the Vernal Equinox 2004 it
took me about 11 hours. A girl helped me with the last
third. All the rocks are from the surrounding area.
The second time after it got destroyed the first time on
the 4th of July, 2004 I think I put something like 30 hours
of work. With a push broom I cleared the area of sand,
dirt, gravel and pebbles then, carved a groove into the
dirt. But, this time I had to go a little further to gather the
The second time the labyrinth got destroyed was on the
afternoon of Labor Day of 2005 or the next couple of
days. This I did not calculated the time it took to rebuild
the labyrinth but, I did put a lot more time than 30 hrs.

The labyrinth has been enjoyed by so many different
people of all creeds and walks of life. At the center of the
labyrinth I have found countless thank you notes in many
different languages, funeral stamps, pictures loved pets
that have died, message to a love one, money and many
other things. People have gotten engaged at the
labyrinth as well. I have been fortunate to have had
some of these stories  been shared with me and that
itself is very rewarding for all the labour I have put into
this creation.

On the Winter Solstice of 2004 and on the Vernal Equinox
of 2005 I had events there. On the Winter Solstice of
2004 I lit the labyrinth with luminaries for the first time. A
lot of people showed for the event most willing to help
with the placement and lighting of the luminaries.
Because I was not able to take pictures that evening I
decided to light it again on Christmas Eve 2004. That
evening Steve Crouch who had been taking pictures all
around Land's End stumble upon me and a few others
who were getting ready to light the labyrinth. He stayed
the whole evening to capture the enchanting evening at
the labyrinth with his new digital camera. Steve and I
been friends ever since.
On the Vernal Equinox of 2005 I decided to celebrate the
labyrinth's first anniversary as well as the Equinox itself.
A lot of people showed up this time as well but, because
it had been very windy and rainy throughout the day it
kept a lot of other people away. Again most everyone
wanted to participate in setting things up. This time I
decide to set the labyrinth on fire to welcome the spring
and the effect that I was aiming for was to light the
labyrinth at the center and watch it spread all around the
rings of the labyrinth but, because of the misty windy
evening I did not get the effects wanted. I still managed
to light the labyrinth partially with the help of some
friends. The material used was Duraflame fire logs
broken lengthwise into three and wrapped in newspaper
then pour a lighting fluid over to help with the lighting.
I haven't had an event since then but, I am hoping to do
something this winter. If you would like to be in the
mailing list please send me an e-mail to keep you up to